Ample Animal Care

Ample Animal Care was incorporated in January 2009 in Bangladesh as family own business company & began its operation in the same year. It is involved in the Animal Agricultural Business like Poultry sector advisory services, Poultry Genetics Supplier, Trading & distribution of Poultry Nutrition {Feed Ingredient, Feed Additives & Feed Supplements} & Health, Dairy & Auqa supplements products.


Ample deals with the following company of the different country in the world (up to 2018) & always try to meet the demand new technologies & innovative products for local market.


Hendrix Genetics:

 It's Dutch Company & involves breeding programs in turkeys, layers, guinea fowl, swine, salmon and trout. "Better breeding today for a brighter life tomorrow" it's company slogan. The worlds meet a growing demand for protein value chain with innovative & sustainable Genetics (Shaver Brown, Shaver White & Shaver Black) solutions. Most of Layer hatcheries in Bangladesh use our Brand.


Nutrex NV:

 It's a Belgian family-owned company, "The Finishing touch for Nutrition" Truly worth the slogan. They produce 1st time unique heat stable Bacterial endo -xylanase with special properties that considerable improve digestibility of NSP-rich diets for poultry & Fish. We deals also others product of this companies.


 Osmosis Nutrition Sdn Bhd:

 It's a Malaysian company. Being a dynamic company Osmosis leads in manufacturing and distribution of animal health & nutrition products. OsmoFAT 300 is the most selling & popular fat powder in Bangladesh 


 Andreotti farmaceutica s.r.l :

It is an Italian Company founded in 1986 specialized in the production of complementary feed for pets, horses and poultry. Andreotti Farmaceutica is EU regulation 183/2005 recognized company with registration number alT000036RO.


 Marlin Life Science:

It is Singapore based company & produces a lot of Feed additives & aqua based Products.


Orbit Bioscience :

It is an Indian Based company, they have full setup & modern equipments to produce world class Vets products.

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